Merry Makeup – How to Look Great this Holiday Season

The busy holiday season is full of parties and get-togethers where you will want to look your best. While your everyday makeup routine may get you from home to office or school and back again, you’ll want a little more excitement for your night time events. Make sure your siberian mink eyelashes is a reflection of the season with these great tips.

siberian mink eyelashes
siberian mink eyelashes
  • Go Shimmery: Nothing says the holidays like a little shimmer. Complete your winter look by applying either a minimal amount of shimmer powder or by adding some shimmer to your lips or your eyelids. Adding a little shimmer will make your face look brighter and add a glow that fits the holiday season.
  • Be Bold: The holiday season is an excellent time to go bold when it comes to your makeup. Cat eyes or dark smokey eyes often add a mysterious glamour that fits well with the deep colors of the season. Likewise deep dark red lips sticks and glosses are a great way to bring the holiday cheer to your smile (and make your teeth look whiter).
  • Keep it Balanced: Dark eyes and deep gorgeous red lips are great but there needs to be a balance. As a rule of thumb never go with dark lips and eyes. Pairing the two will only leave you like your still wearing your Halloween costume. Counter dark siberian mink eyelashes with nude glossy lips and dark lips with a simple eye shadow close to your natural skin tone.
  • Prime Your Face: Holiday parties can often happen right after work and last for quite a long time, make sure your makeup stays put by applying a primer to your face. A primer will ultimately make your skin look smoother by helping mask flaws and allowing your makeup to go easier and stay on longer.
  • Tinted Moisturizer: While your summer glow may be wearing off by this point, you don’t need to hit the tanning bed to keep that healthy tone to your skin. Ultimately, tanning is not safe way of keep your skin aglow and sunless tanners can often leave you looking streaky and orange. Keep your skin looking radiant with tinted moisturizers. While you may not achieve that right from the beach glow, your skin will look dewy and refreshed with a tab bit of color.
  • Silver and Gold: When choosing shimmery siberian mink eyelashes, nail polish, and eye liners, consider looking for hues in silver and gold. Silver and gold are always popular during the holiday season and can give your look that extra festive appearance.
  • Manicure Your Nails: Even if you’re not one for pampering yourself, a manicure around the holidays is a must. Getting your nails primped and ready for parties and gathers that are so prevalent during the holidays can take a lot of effort. While self manicured nails will most likely chip and you’ll be forced to take care of them several times in one week, a manicure should a few weeks and take you right through to siberian mink eyelashes Years.
siberian mink eyelashes
siberian mink eyelashes

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