Losing Your Eyelashes? Here Are 3 Quick Fire Tips To Help You false lash packaging 

Whether you have lost your false lash packaging  due to improper treatment, irritation leading you to constantly rub or through illnesses such as cancer or alopecia, regrowing your eyelashes can prove a hard task. After searching the internet for hours upon hours I’m sure it feels like you want to just give up but here we’ll provide you with 3 quick fire tips to help you regrow your eyelashes.

No More Make Up –
Your eyelashes are very sensitive and are even more vulnerable in the process of losing your false lash packaging . Therefore it is vitally important that you don’t wear any make up around your eyes. This would include applying any foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow and most importantly eyelash mascara. Various solutions in foundations and eyeliners can cause increased irritation to the eye while mascara is known to be notoriously difficult to remove especially if you use certain brands of waterproof mascara where you are required to undertake constant rubbing in order to get it all off. Therefore its best that you stay well clear of make up until you see noticeable improvements with your eyelashes.

false lash packaging 
false lash packaging

Condition Your Lashes –
By evuiu  keeping your false lash packaging  in the best state possible in order for them to regrow it is recommended that you condition your lashes so that they can stay moisturised and in the best shape possible for possible regrowth. There are many natural conditioners such as olive and jojoba oil which with nightly application can help your eyelashes stay healthy. Vaseline can also keep your eyelashes smooth and moisturised but remember to wash of these conditioners every morning to prevent build up. By using these conditioners you are not only using the most natural eyelash friendly moisturisers available but you are also preventing your eyelashes from weakening and becoming brittle increasing the chances of your lashes breaking off and falling out.

Seek further Advice –
If your false lash packaging  are continuing to fall out at an increasingly rapid rate it is best that you seek further medical advice. By going to see a specialised doctor and identifying the causes of your falling eyelashes you will be able to receive the most suitable treatment for you and lead you on the road to recovery. It is important that you do not buy and use any medication without knowing the underlying causes of your eyelash loss as this can cause not only unwanted side effects but further wasting of your time and money.

false lash packaging 
false lash packaging

Here we have provided you with 3 Quick Fire Tips to Regrow Your Eyelashes. For more information about how you can regrow your false lash packaging  or for other eyelash tips visit:

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