Trichotillomania – Has Hair Pulling Become a Problem?

Does your child have a hair pulling disorder? Do they do this excessively? Do you see places where the hair is missing? If you answered yes then your child may be suffering from a childhood habit disorder which is referred to as Trichotillomania. This is a condition that happens to children and is considered an impulse-control disorder or obsessive-compulsive Custom Eyelash Packaging(OCD hair pulling).

This is not just hair pulling from the head but any hair that grows on the body in any place on the body. It can be Custom Eyelash Packaging or eyebrows or from the genital area and the consequences of this impulse-control disorder can be bald patches to barely noticeable.

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The reason for the trichotillomania disorder is not clinically understood as yet because it can happen whether the child is feeling really anxious or very calm. The child does seem to use the pulling hair as a way to relieve built-up tension, for whatever reason, and after the hair is pulled out the child experiences a feeling of satisfaction. It makes them feel better. This feeling of release seems to drive the child into the behavior pattern of an OCD hair pulling. This strange behavior has become the child’s method of coping.

There are five symptoms that a child with hair pulling disorder or OCD hair pulling will Custom Eyelash Packaging:

o The child seems to get a lot of release or happiness or a sense of satisfaction from hair pulling.

o There is very visible evidence where hair has been pulled out because the child is doing this on a consistent basis.

o When the child is told to stop pulling out hair, their anxiety is increased or if they are very nervous just before they pull out hair.

o If the child’s ability to interact with others is compromised by their trichotillomania disorder, if it causes problems in school or any other places where they need to relate comfortably.

o There is no other type of mental disorder or OCD hair pulling that would account for the behavior pattern of pulling out hair and there is no other type of medical condition that would account for the missing hair.

Evuiu is not a behavior that is connected to any particular ethnic background or gender and is found most frequently in the childhood years. Because the child has grown to become accustomed to depending on this behavior to get relief from built-up tensions, it grows into an OCD hair pulling. Their first instinctive response to building anxiousness is to start pulling out hair. Some are very embarrassed when their need to pull hair is discovered which only exacerbates their need to pull more hair. When they begin to feel ashamed of what they feel they must do to cope, it will begin to interfere with their normal functioning and active life style. If you have observed the trichotillomania disorder in your child, do not hesitate to consult with your health care professional for immediate diagnosis and Custom Eyelash Packaging.

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