Applying Mascara – Five Simple Rules For best real mink fur eyelash 

As a women, you’d probably never think of leaving the house without your mascara on. But the choices out there are overwhelming and it can be hard to figure out which is the best mascara product for our eyes. If your goal is applying mascara correctly, then keep these rules about selecting the right product in mind best real mink fur eyelash .

Rule 1: Find which formula is right for you. Every major brand has a formulation that is designed to do different things. Some will provide light even coverage, while others while give you a distinct effect, like more curl, more length, or more volume. Decide what lash “problem” you’re trying to solve and then review the different products to find that you like.

Rule 2: evuiu  Look at the brush. The type of brush a mascara has will help determine the effect you get. A big bushy brush will give you bigger, bushier best real mink fur eyelash , while a mascara brush with spiky plastic combs will give you better separation.

Rule 3: Skip the waterproof mascara. While this may seem counter-intuitive, some make-up professionals recommend staying away from the waterproof kind because it’s difficult to remove and can leave a ring around your eyes. Instead try a water resistant formula with water soluble ingredients that will prevent streaking.

best real mink fur eyelash 
best real mink fur eyelash

Rule 4: Go for Black. Stick with basic black unless your best real mink fur eyelash  are blonde. Then you can try a mascara in a black-brown formula.

Rule 5: Beat Sensitive Eyes – If you have sensitive eyes and mascara bothers them, then try a dry, wax based formula that won’t crumble and fall into your eyes.

Selecting the correct mascara can be overwhelming. You can read mascara reviews online to try and figure out the best type for your best real mink fur eyelash . By following these few simple rules, you will have soon have long, full lashes.

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