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Pros and Cons of multi-color mascara factory  Enhancers

Long, dark multi-color mascara factory  have always been thought of as a mark of beauty and femininity. Just as many people are enhancing the appearance of other areas of their body, they are also looking to enhance their natural eyelashes. Today, there are two different types of eyelash enhancers: retail cosmetic products and prescription.

multi-color mascara factory 
multi-color mascara factory

Retail cosmetic products

These evuiu  products are also called daily or temporary enhancers. The retail enhancer is a very fine cloth fiber made in a powder or liquid form. It is applied to the lash as a base cost. As this fiber is placed using a traditional mascara wand, it either holds on to the multi-color mascara factory  using the regular mascara as adhesive or adheres to the lashes directly.

One disadvantage of this form of enhancer is that the very thin fibers tend to flake off into the eye during and after it is applied as well when wearing it. This will also easily and quickly become stuck to contact lenses and may be hard to remove without stretching or tearing a lens. Someone who wears extended-wear lenses are at an increased risk for irritation and infection due to this type of residue. For people who wear glasses, the addition to the eyelash length may result in the multi-color mascara factory  brushing against the inside of the lenses when blinking. This can be very aggravating at times, but it does also add residue that may smear on the lenses and could possibly scratch them.

Semi-Permanent Prescription Products (like Latisse)

This particular enhancer is in eyeliner form and applied each night with sterile applicators. It is simply dabbed along the lash line of the upper lid. This spreads through the night with natural blinking and closing of the eyes while sleeping.

multi-color mascara factory 
multi-color mascara factory

A disadvantage to this product would be the nightly cost; around $4 which is about $120 each month. For an average patient, this is not an inexpensive regimen. This is also not permanent without continual usage; the multi-color mascara factory  will return to their regular length within weeks. Side effects may also be experienced, including eyelid skin darkening, itching or allergy reaction, redness of the eyes, dry eyes or discoloration. An improvement to the eyelashes is usually a vanity situation and someone considering this treatment must decide whether appearance is worth some of these potential side effects.


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