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Revitalsh MD mink lashes kaufen Vs Envyderm Eyelash Growth Serum Review

The hottest style in the beauty industry nowadays is all about mink lashes kaufen. Aside from their natural function as a shield to the eye from the debris. Eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity in many cultures and enhance, enlighten one’s face. Unfortunately as we age our eyelashes tends to fall out, became spares and thin out and virtually became non existent endangering the eye function. Luckily there are few product on the market that promises eyelash growth, ranging from prescription solutions to natural ones.

After reviewing few one on the market today, there is just two that truly measure up to their claims and that received great reviews from user’s.

The first one is Envyderm Eyelash growth serum, and Revitalash MD.

mink lashes kaufen
mink lashes kaufen

After  evuiu looking at hundred’s of reviews here is the most common pro’s and con’s of each of this products:

Envyderm Eyelash Growth Serum:


• Claims to grow and thicken mink lashes kaufen by 25% in the first 2 weeks, maximum results by the 6th week are absolutely TRUE the claim is substantiated by clinical trial.
• Easy to apply, luxurious, efficient packaging with internal casing that holds the product and seals tightly.
• Fragrance free
• 25 ingredients mainly from organic natural sources
• Ophthalmologist Tested, safe, Non- irritating to the eye
• Competitively priced, $79 for a 5 month supply.


• Must maintain daily use to keep the results, otherwise your mink lashes kaufen would return to their previous appearances within few months.
• Available from manufacturer’s website and few outlet.

Revitalash MD:


• Easy to use
• Fragrance Free, Non-Comedogenic
• Ophthalmologist Tested
• Readily Available in differents outlet other than the manufacture’s website
• A portion of the profit proceeds goes toward Breast Cancer Research
• Claims to grow eyelashes within three to six weeks.


• The price point is high at $149.00 for 0.13 Fl oz of product
• Possible irritation and eye burning
• Must maintain daily use to keep results.

mink lashes kaufen
mink lashes kaufen

Overall both product are good to grow and lengthen your lashes.


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