Five Errors to draw a thick mask face

Five Errors to draw a thick mask face



We often see many crush makeup on the road to some terrible, like a layer of “paint”, but they are totally unknown. In fact, there are many reasons for the “mask face”, which may be lighting, excessive powdering, or over eye makeup. Tell you now, how to avoid becoming a “masked person.”



Do not cover your face when concealer


Wrong 1: The foundation as a concealer, the whole face are coated with a thick foundation


Correction: choose the color of foundation – local concealer


  1. First of all to choose to fully integrate into their own color foundation color, concealer than the foundation of a light color.


  1. A small amount of dipped in a small amount of foundation, painted from both sides of the face to the central open.


  1. Use hydra-friendly eye concealer to tap evenly around the eyes and spots.



Find the modified area and then light bottoming


Error 2: The whole face is painted purple primer milk to the most white skin tone


Correction: Find the modified area – light foundation – even powder


1.With both hands holding the cheek, revealing the central part of the face is available purple decorated bottom milk position.


  1. After finishing the end of milk, then gently pat on the foundation, thin is the key.


  1. With a small amount of powder dipped in powder, swept the entire face protruding parts.



Soften the honey with the temperature of the palm


Error 3: If you want long-lasting makeup effect, the use of powder and then on the powder


Correction: massage a good skin – push light foundation – honey powder hand temperature makeup


  1. Good skin make makeup more lasting, makeup before the skin care, massage the face with upward action, due to the memory of the skin, there are lifting effect.


  1. Apply liquid foundation from the face to the sides gently push the bottom, and strive to fit the foundation.


  1. The powder fell to the palm of your hand, gently grinding with a puff, palm heat will soften the powder, and then gently flutter to the face. This is the best fixing effect.



Focus on smear eyelashes


Wrong 4: Want to eyelashes thick, mascara in the use of the end of liquid quickly mascara painted


Correction: Mascara base fluid – eyelashes grooming – mascara


  1. Apply mascara from the roots of eyelashes at the end of liquid, not too thick.


2.To be eyelashes at the end of dry cream, comb the eyelashes neatly, to avoid eyelashes adhesion.


  1. Evenlymascara, focusing on the application of eye lashes, can modify the beautiful eye type.


Before wearing false eyelashes to trim


Wrong 5: Just bought a fake lashes immediately put on, paste from the outside corner of the inner corner of the eye.


Correction: Trimming False Eyelashes – Strengthening the outer corner of the eye – Adjusting the curvature of the eyelashes


  1. False eyelashes two cable cut off, compared to the length of the eye pruning into small spare.


  1. Good glue, starting from the end of the eye with tweezers fixed false eyelashes, the key is to ignore the inner corner of the eye, strengthening the outer corner.


  1. Use Perm eyelash curler to adjust the curvature of the eyelashes, and then brush mascara, so true and false eyelashes completely blend.


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