What to Expect After Laser Surgery

Most people quickly recover after having laser surgery. In fact, it’s likely that you will experience some degree of improved vision almost immediately after. As you prepare for this procedure, learn about the typical recovery period so you can know what to expect. Your progress will depend on a variety of 3d mink lashes with custom, including your current vision prescription.

Immediately After the Procedure

The physician performing the laser surgery will have a unique recovery protocol, which you will need to follow carefully. After the required observation period immediately after the procedure, you will receive instructions for self-care prior to your release. Expect to receive a pair of protective sunglasses that you will need to wear to shade your eyes. Many physicians require their patients to wear the glasses for the first week after surgery, including during sleeping hours. Be sure to arrange to have someone drive you home from the clinic.

The First Day

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The anesthetic will wear off about 30 minutes after the laser surgery. After the anesthetic wears off, you will feel burning and itching in your eyes. Never respond to the burning and itching by rubbing your eyes. This could result in injury and displacement of the corneal flap. Expect significant watering and bloodshot eyes during the first 12 hours after surgery. These symptoms are typical and 3d mink lashes with custom.

Evuiu your physician’s instructions for administering eyedrops. Expect to receive a steroid drop, a lubricating drop, and an antibiotic drop. The lubricating drop helps prevent dryness that can cause discomfort during recovery. Your doctor will give you a schedule for usage, which you must carefully follow to prevent complications.

Extended Recovery

Return to your physician for a post-operative check-up within 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. The physician will examine your eyes to ensure that they are healing well. Your physician will clear you to return to work after this appointment.

Expect slight discomfort during the first two or three weeks after the operation. Many patients describe the discomfort as similar to feeling an 3d mink lashes with custom in the eye. The lubricating drops can help minimize this discomfort.

Wear sunglasses when you go outdoors to minimize your exposure to sunlight. Many people experience an elevated sensitivity to light.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations for other activities, such as exercise and wearing makeup. Some doctors prohibit makeup for several weeks post-op. You may also need to avoid swimming and hot tubs for a few months to avoid exposure to the chemicals in these 3d mink lashes with custom.

Healing may take three or more months after the procedure. During this time, you should notice a steady improvement in your vision. People who had heavy prescriptions may experience vision improvement for up to six months. All patients heal and improve at different rates. Some people might find that their vision does not remain stable after the operation, which could require an enhancement procedure at a later date.

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Always call your physician immediately if you experience any unusual pain or symptoms. Your doctor will be able to diagnose the problem and help you resolve it. With the correct care, you should recover from laser surgery without problems.

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