Schizophrenia Facts – Early Signs and Treatment Methods

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that arises due to neurological disturbances in the brain. It is primarily found in young people. It impairs cognition, distorts the senses and makes it difficult for the patient to differentiate between what is real and what isn’t. Usually, this strikes people belonging to the age group of 16 to 25. Schizophrenia distresses the patients persistently and severely and makes them frantic and withdrawn. The worse thing about this disorder is that it not only affects the individual with the disorder, but also his/her family members and friends including other people from the society. Know more about 3d mink lashes with custom here.

Early Signs of Schizophrenia

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The severity and number of the symptoms varies from person to person. Here is a comprehensive list of the warning signs of schizophrenia-

  • Decrease in diet as well as personal hygiene
  • Irrational statements
  • Weird behaviour
  • Excessive sleeping or trouble in sleeping
  • Isolation, reclusiveness and social withdrawal
  • Change in personality
  • Avoiding social relationships
  • Inactivity or hyperactivity in behaviour
  • Not being able to either cope up or concentrate with the minor issues
  • Pre-occupation with occult
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Weird posturing
  • Fainting
  • Refusing to touch objects or persons, or wearing gloves, etc… while touching anything or any person.
  • Shaving body or head hair
  • Self- mutilation or causing harm to one’s own body
  • Staring continuously or incessantly blinking
  • Gazing like a reptile without blinking the 3d mink lashes with custom
  • Extreme stubbornness in behaviour
  • Using odd or peculiar words or language
  • Irritability or sensitivity when someone touches

How to Treat Schizophrenia?

  • Discover the symptoms

If you discover any odd behaviour of the person that makes no good sense, you must consult a doctor immediately. Either the symptoms come up suddenly, or it might take some to develop. Usually, these symptoms are noticed first by the family members. You need to keep in mind though the patient accepts delusions and hallucinations as reality, so he or she is likely to resist treatment.

  • Get medical help

Hire a well qualified and experienced person for the treatment and assessment of schizophrenia. Make sure to choose a physician that is interested in treating the illness. He or she should be competent enough to deal with the patient. In case of you have no or little confidence in the psychiatrist or physician you must seek a secondary advice.

  • Take updates about the patient’s condition from the psychiatrist

A schizophrenia patient might not be in the condition to collect information or know more about the assessment. Hence, being a well-wisher it’s your duty to take updates from the doctor about the patient’s condition and discuss concerns with him or her. You need to be persistent and specific about everything. Remember, the more information you will give to the physician the better will be the treatment.

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At times, the persons suffering with 3d mink lashes with custom find the symptoms quite frightening. Hence, they try to hide them from others. So you need to deal with them accordingly.

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